About Me

I graduated from Bosphorous University, Istanbul as Psychological Counsellor in 1994 and started my professional career in the same year at Turkish Garanti Bank as a Management Trainee. I worked at the bank as a Performance Consultant and Training Coordinator. After leaving the bank in 1997, I  went on to work as Training Manager at Cargill Turkey and then Organizational Development Chief at Danone Turkey. In 1999, I earned a post-graduate degree in Human Resources Management from Marmara University, Istanbul. Since 2001 I have been continuing with my career as a human resources manager and consultant. As being a continuous learner, in 2013, I have completed the certificate program in Advanced Certificate in Strategic HR Management at Cornell University.

In the recent years work life has become even more competitive and challenging. Creating some brief “time-outs” is a way of coping with the everyday stress that we all have to deal with.  Through this blog I aim to provide an alternative address for readers to spend some time during these interludes. I hope reading this blog is both enjoyable and informative. I also hope that not only HR professionals but also readers with different professional interests who are eager to learn more about human and life interaction will like this blog.

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